It’s time to #bepushy and reduce your reliance on social media

The world has been hit by a tsunami of change this year, and like everyone else, Pushologies is trying to figure out what the post-Covid19 world will look like.  

While we eagerly await a return to normal, our plans to expand have accelerated during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve embraced our ‘be pushy’ philosophy by overhauling our brand identity during this unprecedented period of change. 

We’ve sharpened up our logo with a sleek new look and introduced a warmer colour palette that reflects our approach to business. We’ve redefined our tone of voice, established the Pushologies DNA – you could call that our company values – and relaunched our website.

But most importantly of all, we’ve worked tirelessly to better understand how we can help our partners navigate through the challenges each of them is now facing. We’ve listened to all of them and worked hard to refine and develop our software to deliver what we believe is the most exciting and important mobile technology around.

The only way to get any real reach is by running paid strategies alongside organic content, which makes social platforms like Facebook even more money and means brands are still handing their data and engagement off to a third party. 

So it’s time for brands to claw back control of their digital strategy. It’s time to once again own your engagement and reclaim control of your data. It’s time for the return of the app.

Drop one of our friendly Pushologists an email today to find out how we can help transform your mobile app strategy, deliver sector-leading analytics and personalisation, and engage existing and new audiences for you like no other company can.


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